Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Here are a few images from and a couple of rough videos of my exhibition Walking the Changes at the Theo Ganz Studio in Beacon, NY. www.theoganzstudio.com

The show centers around two installations. Each consists of 12 digital images projected onto a wall mounted sculpture. The larger of the two installations is 56 x 56 x 4 inches (not including the projector.)
There are also several prints in the show including Anima Redux and Greetings Fellow Earth Creature which are posted below. (Remember clicking on a thumbnail image will reveal a larger jpg.) Another piece, which consists of 12 images from a series I did a few years ago called Anima Dream, is displayed on a high res monitor at Theo Ganz. Jpgs of the Anima images can be found elsewhere on this blog.

Walking the Changes
an installation of digital images
projected on wall mounted sculpture.
Simulation #9: Here Comes the Sun
Actual installed dimensions:
56 x 56 x 4 inches